Our product

State-of-the-art сontent delivery platform and applications with cutting-edge features and business tools

Any type of video

  • Live TV, catch-up & timeshift, video-on-demand, live events, virtual TV channels from VOD content
  • Automatic resolution per target device and screen size
  • Adaptive bit rates – HLS and MPEG-DASH bit rates and number of levels to ensure continuous and seamless viewing experience while providing the user with the highest video quality available including Ultra HD 4K and HDR
  • Multi-DRM content protection for both VOD and IP channels with Verimatrix, Widevine, PlayReady & FairPlay

On any device

  • Web: desktop and mobile friendly
  • Mobile: iOS & Android with adjusted user interface for smartphones and tablets
  • Smart TVs: Samsung (Tizen, Orsay), LG (WebOS, Netcast), Sony, Phillips
  • STBs on Android Open Source Platform. Watch a demo video
  • Media Players: Android TV, Apple TV

Monetization, billing and checkout


  • All business modes supported: TVOD, SVOD, AVOD (all-rolls, pause banners, overlays)
  • Combination of different types of content into the product bundle packages (VOD + Live streams)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Country-based pricing

Billing and checkout

  • Billing API for third-party wallets support
  • Deferred charge
  • Payment gateway: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, JCB, etc.
  • In-app purchases
  • Billing history in each user account

Branding and products customization

    • Put your logo and brand colors
    • Choose the languages for your service
    • Setup a menu structure and content showcase for each content area, create the group and collection of the content by your rules
    • Featuring and self-promo for awareness building, cross- and upsell opportunities
  • Create a personalized landing pages

One account with different users

  • Households with multi-users profiles where each user has personalized experience with your service.
  • You can send a targeted notification to each user — via email, in-app inbox section or as a pop-up on any screen with flash-notification for the most important messages.

Social and personalization engine

    • Personalized features such as bookmarking, search and purchase history, Favorites, Watch lists, and a Progress Bar
    • Parents can limit their children’s exposure to the VOD library and set the code for inappropriate content while the TV channels are closed by code at the provider level
  • Users can log in using social sign-in and access social features such as personal recommendations based on friends feed and viewing history, share with their friend’s what they are viewing, post comments to their wall, like and check in to the content in the library.

Discovery engine

    • Browsing through rich galleries of content
    • User-specific watch lists and recently watched list
    • Friends feed, providing social recommendation from friends and across the entire service provider network
    • Personal recommendations, based on user similarity algorithms
    • Related content recommendations to a selected asset
  • Search by keyword, title and cast and crew

Content Management System

  • VOD & Live TV Assets Management, Virtual channels configuration out of VOD library content
  • Meta-data enrichment: EPG sources integration, IMDB, 3rd party services
  • Content featuring and self-promo (banners, all-roll)
  • Dynamic content groups (collections) with preset of specific rules
  • Policies and restrictions (geo, devices, age limitations — parental control)
  • Content owners and distributors contracts management
  • DRM and transcoding workflow management & monitoring
  • Bulk upload/Export by CSV
  • Advanced Search

User management & reporting system

    • Subscribers and Households management
    • Manual service and products provisioning
    • Users activity and engagement tracking
    • Video analytics
  • Financial reporting