About Us

Live TV, VOD, catch-up, multiscreen, media streaming, social and apps.

Designed with End User Experience in Mind

Since its inception in 2010, We have developed a state-of-the-art technology and various solutions  targeting the OTT industry.


Our  platform offers service providers, from telcos and ISPs through broadcasters and content retailers to launch a fully featured next generation TV service, available on multiscreen environment such as TVs, tablets, smartphones and more.


Vidmind’s cloud-based solutions enable users to benefit from capabilities, which far exceed existing Pay-TV services, and show fast return on investment.


Our OTT platform and unique business model allows our customers to launch a complete branded TV and VOD service at minimal risks and costs. We level the TV playing field for everyone, offering consumers more choice and providing operators a logical and profound business model.


Our unique risk free model offers the following advantages:

  • Pay as you grow business model
  • Complete End-to-end solution
  • Fast deployment and easy on boarding
  • Supreme user experience